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Axiom Electric Violin Outfit - Full Size

Axiom Electric Violin Outfit - Full Size

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This great value Electric Violin been carefully individually selected and specified to provide an instrument which will be immediately familiar to the traditional violinist, but at the same time offer a whole new world of possibilities. The body is solid timber and finished in a stunning gloss black finish. The pegs are easy to tune and the hair in the bow is of excellent quality. The bridge features four fine tuners for accurate and precise tuning, and the bridge is shaped and sculpted to provide the best playing experience.

The outfit includes the violin, bow, case and rosin so you can begin playing right out of the box. Also included is a cable to connect to your amp and a pair of headphones for silent practice.

The control panel on the violin provides a line out to the amp, a headphone socket plus a mic input which can be used for iphones or ipods to provide backing through the output or headphones, allowing you to jam or practice with your favourite tunes.

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