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Axiom Clarinet Reed 2.0 - Box of Ten

Axiom Clarinet Reed 2.0 - Box of Ten

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Axiom Clarinet reeds are specially individually selected and specified for the beginning clarinet player but are equally suitable for the more advance player. They provide a rich tone and unparalleled control. Axiom reeds are manufactured from the best quality cane and carefully cut to provide a reed that is easy to play yet strong and robust. Conveniently packed in packets of ten and priced well below the other brands on the Australian market. The ideal accessory for your Axiom Clarinet!

After the cane is cut and trimmed each segment is rectified with high precision machinery that makes the base perfectly flat and smooth, ensuring a correct support for the reed that will have in contact with the mouthpiece. Then the sides are tapered and shaped in a machine that leaves the blank finished with trapezoidal shaped according to the required width.

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