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Axiom Cavern Beatle Bass - Sunburst

Axiom Cavern Beatle Bass - Sunburst

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The Beatle Bass - maybe one of the most famous basses of all time. Paul McCartney used this bass from the earliest days in Hamburg right up until the rooftop concert in Let It Be. In fact, he still uses his original Beatle Bass today! he originally chose the bass because, being left-handed, was drawn to the bass because he felt that its symmetrical shape would mean that playing it left-handed would not look as awkward as using a cutaway guitar individually selected and specified for a right-handed player:

The Axiom Cavern Bass is a faithful reproduction of McCartney's 1963 Bass. With twin single coil "soapbar" style pickups and a semi hollow body the Cavern will give you the true sound of the sixties - warm and round with plenty of body.  The switching system is identical to the original with separate switches for treble and bass pickups plus a "solo" switch which adds punch and bottom end to the sound. Individual volume controls complete the picture.

The neck is straight and narrow making this a great bass for the first timer. owing to it's lightness and ease of holding its also a great bass for girls or children. The body features a stunning flame maple finish in the original sunburst.

If you've been looking for a budget priced Beatle Bass look no further - the Axiom Cavern Bass is here!

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