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Axiom Prelude Series French Horn

Axiom Prelude Series French Horn

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Our Prelude series french Horn is a double horn which combines two instruments into a single frame: the original horn in F, and a second, higher horn keyed in B. By using a fourth valve (usually operated by the thumb), the horn player can quickly switch from the deep, warm tones of the F horn to the higher, brighter tones of the B horn, or vice versa, as the horn player may choose to have the horn set into B by default by making a simple adjustment to the valves. The two sets of tones are commonly called "sides" of the horn. Using the fourth valve not only changes the basic length (and thus the harmonic series and pitch) of the instrument, it also causes the three main valves to use proportionate slide lengths.

The Horn is constructed of Yellow Brass with a Cupronickel Tuning Pipe. The 4 Rotary Valves are also made of Yellow Brass. The horn has a bell size of 311 mm and a bore of 11.9 mm. A Premium Case is included. The Axiom Prelude French Horn offers the beginner an affordable instrument of excellent quality.

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