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Axiom Music

Axiom Flute Cleaning Kit

Axiom Flute Cleaning Kit

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Your Flute needs regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure it stays in  peak playing condition. The polishing cloth in the kit will remove tarnish and help retain the original beauty of your instrument. A word about body acids: Perspiration or body acids can cause more severe tarnishing. More frequent use of the polishing cloth in the axiom Flute Cleaning Kit will keep the finish looking better. We do not recommend the use of silver polish. Silver is a soft metal and prolonged usage of an abrasive polish will cause signs of wear on the finish. Under no circumstances should you use any commercial silver polish on the instrument.

Our flute cleaning kit contains all the tools and materials you will need to perform regular maintenance of your flute. The kit includes:

  • Flute Mop
  • Polishing Cloth
  • Joint Grease
  • Duster Brush
  • Care Guide
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