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Axiom Music

Axiom Children's Jumbo Sized Music & Percussion Pack

Axiom Children's Jumbo Sized Music & Percussion Pack

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When you're looking for children's percussion for sale look no further! This great value set is ideal for children of all ages! Amazing Value!

AXIOM Instruments are individually selected and specified in Australia and made under strict supervision in Asia to provide the very best possible student instruments.

This set gives your children a wonderful introduction to the world of music and rhythm! The Jumbo Pack includes

    • A Hand Clapper

    • Rhythm Sticks

    • A Xylophone

    • A Mouth Organ

    • A Recorder

    • A Kazoo

    • A Stir Drum

    • A Pair of Jingle Sticks

    • A Pair of Castanets

    • A Triangle

The set is packaged in a sturdy wooden crate so when the fun is over the items can be safely packed away
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