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Axiom 5 String Beginners Banjo

Axiom 5 String Beginners Banjo

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AXIOM Instruments are individually selected and specified in Australia and made under strict supervision in Asia to provide the very best possible student instruments. Unlike other budget instruments from mass merchants, AXIOM are sold directly to you by Axiom Music, a long established music business in Sydney with 30 years of experience and expertise.

The modern banjo was invented by Joel Sweeney in the 1800s. To the drum he added a neck with a fingerboard like those found on guitars and other string instruments and added frets so you can easily play all the notes in tune. As well as four conventional strings, Sweeney also added a unique feature not found on any other musical instrument – a shorter fifth string attached to a tuning peg fitted halfway up the side of the neck. This ‘Fifth string’ is responsible for much of the distinctive sound of the banjo.

This fabulous Banjo offers a quality instrument for the beginner or more advanced player. With a beautiful mahogany body and neck and solid metal drum the banjo is well built and solid. A genuine REMO Banjo head gives criosp, bright tone. High quality tuners allow for quick and easy tuning and ensure the guitar remains in tune.

This 5 String Banjo gives a rich, bright tone and is absolutely ideal for the first time player. This Banjo sounds like one costing three times the price. We have carefully chosen the design and materials to ensure a quality banjo for beginners. Don't risk buying a banjo from a mass merchant. At Axiom Music we know our instruments - we are all players with years of experience and can offer you unparalleled service and advice

5 String Banjo - Beautiful Gloss Finish - Deep Bright Tone - Low Action for ease of playing - Quality Machine Heads - Strap Hooks

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