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Axiom Music

Axiom Complete Beginner Flute Outfit

Axiom Complete Beginner Flute Outfit

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The AXIOM range of woodwind instruments have been carefully chosen to provide an instrument which will be easy to play for the first timer, but at the same time offer a superb tone and response. The body of the flute is quality nickel with a beautiful silver plating which will delight any player. The keys move smoothly and easily and are individually selected and specified to offer the beginner an instrument which will offer ease of playing and superb tone.

The outfit includes the flute, case, box of reeds and cleaning kit so you can begin playing right out of the box. If you're looking for a student instrument of unrivalled quality at a bargain price look no further than Axiom!

- Quality Student Flute Outfit
- Complete Cleaning and Maintainance Kit
- Silver Plated Nickel Body
- High quality Mechanism
- Easy to play Mouthplate
- Superb Tone
- Hard Case and Cleaning Cloth Included

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