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Axiom ADX2000 Electronic Drum Kit

Axiom ADX2000 Electronic Drum Kit

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Our new ADX2000 Electronic Kit offers a great introduction to drumming for the beginner, or a value based practice kit for the professional. 

The ADX2000 includes quality Mesh pads giving a truly realistic feel and allowing for all styles of drumming. The heads on the pads are adjustable for tension just like a traditional kit. There are 16 different drums kits to choose from including Funk, PopRock, Rock, Session, Metal, Modern, Jazz, Synth and more. 30 Built in songs allow for playing along and you can also run your phone through the set to play along with your favourite tracks. Built in metronome and recording are also included. 

The new Axiom ADX2000 is a fantastic value kit for all players!

  • 4 fully adjustable mesh pads
  • 2 Cymbals Pads
  • Hi-Hat Pad
  • Kick Drum Pad & Pedal
  • 16 Realsitic Drum Kit sounds
  • 30 Built in Songs
  • Metronome
  • Aux In for phone or other playback device
  • USB for computer connection
  • Headphone and Audio Out options
  • Includes stand, power supply and sticks.
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